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Knowledge with homage (podcast)

#23 Pre-Pizzagate 

In this edition of Knowledge With Homage I do things a little differently. I read you an article on pedophilia rings being ran by the world's elite. It's a disturbing story but incredibly important for people to realize that this is really happening. Link to article here:

#22 Primary Water and Iranian Missiles 

Stay up to date at - funky weather - Weather Channel is Rothschild owned - chemtrails - geoengineering - weather manipulation - cloud seeding - Fly Geyser - the water cycle - Primary Water - hot springs - oil is not made from dinosaur bones - scarcity drives the market - free energy - alternative news is harder to find - censorship - assassination of General Solameini - war with Iran - Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq - Ukranian jet shot down - 9/11 - bootlickers - bird drones - Osama Bin Laden - CIA asset Tim Osman - Bin Laden family loaned George Bush $1,000,000 to start oil company - Invasion of Iraq - white phosphorous bombs - depleted - uranium - birth defects - nuclear weapons - War on Terror - opium crisis - military industrial complex - computers - Elon Musk - Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook - DARPA - data collection - 1893 World's Fair in Chicago - George Ferris - Ferris Wheel - one legged lady is mean to me Primary Water Institute - Ferris Wheel at 1893 World's Fair -

Dark Days and Bright Tomorrows 

Today we reflect on some of the highs and lows of 2019. Topics include vacations, traveling, car sales, the bombing of Dresden, architecture, the Mud Flood, Tartarians, chemtrails, 9/11, freaking laser beams, fires in Australia and California, cognitive dissonance, the control system, going against the norm, herd mentality, and much much more!! There's a little surprise for the listener who makes it to the end, too! ;)

Reflections On Reality 

On this episode of Knowledge With Homage topics include war, the global control system, chemtrails, 9/11, war in the Middle East, and much more! Merry Christmas <3

Thoughts on Stuff 

In this episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about the movie Sleep Doctor and why it sucked, how Epstein didn't kill himself, synchronicity, Carl Jung, the unconscious, and much more!

#18 Fantasy World 

In episode 18 of Knowledge With Homage I speak about weather control, 5g, chemtrails and irritability, infertility, eugenics, 1984, Brave New World, staying sane, cell phones, and much much more

#17 It's Lit In Cali 

In this episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about bums being kicked out of department stores, racist hookers on twitter, fires in California, meth in Carson City, chemtrails in the sky, weather control, Agenda 21, Prius drivers, Brave New World, smart meters, billionaires who say "fuck" a lot, Trump, Obama, Regan, school, and much much more.

#15 Amazon Flames and 5G Waves 

On today's episode of Knowledge With Homage we discuss the fires in the Amazon rainforest, climate change hysteria, Brazil rejects 20 million from G-7, plans for world governance, brainwashing, scientific dictatorships, Julian Huxley, UNESCO, China's social credit system, private corporations implement social credit system in America, supercomputers, AI, 5G, 9/11, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, schills, Dr. Judy Wood, Where Did the Towers Go?, 9/11 is old enough to smoke, Nikola Tesla, and much much more! links to articles referenced in talk: Brazil rejects money from G-7: Does the Amazon Provide 20% of Earth's Oxygen?: Silicon Valley's Chinese-style social credit system: Dr. Judy Wood's website:


Language is art (trailer)

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