who is homage?

Homage is an American hip hop artist from Carson City, Nevada who has achieved  recognition for his intricate rhymes and thought provoking lyrics. In addition to being a rapper he is also a screen writer and documentary filmmaker who produced the film Language is Art in 2017. His sound has been compared to an old school Eminem while his lyrical content ranges from boastful to political. Unafraid to venture into the unspoken ills of modern society, Homage burst onto the scene in 2015 with his knowledge ridden gas mask toting music video "Digital Clouds," which quickly gathered steam on alternative outlets across the world.  The relative success of this video compelled Homage to team up with longtime friend and producer Louie to work on a full length album entitled Inscrutable Malice, which was released in the summer of 2017. With Inscrutable Malice came more music videos and more performances, with Homage opening for a number of hip hop acts in the Reno, Nevada area.  With one album under his belt and more on the way,  it's evident  this guy is here to stay and it won't be long before more people around the world are paying Homage.

further background

David "Homage" Castle was born on July 27, 1993 in Fremont, California. After moving around a bit, his family eventually settled in Carson City, Nevada when David was 6 years old and he has lived there ever since. Rebellious by nature and creative to the core, David acquired a love for skateboarding and hip hop early on in his life. It wasn't until high school that he developed an interest in rapping. This happened after he did a poetry assignment and realized he had a knack for expressing himself in rhyme.  He showed it to his friends and they encouraged him to keep going and eventually songs began to take shape. This defining time period corresponded with trips down the conspiracy vortex and the occasional hallucinogenic trip too. An avid researcher and curious by nature, he often came across information that shattered his existing worldview and challenged the relationships he had with those around him. Music became an outlet of expression and soon Homage was born. The release of "Digital Clouds" caused more people to become familiar with the name and he was soon invited to do podcast interviews as well as performances at events across the US. Since then his songs and videos have been played hundreds of thousands of times by listeners in over fifty different countries. Songs have also been featured in multiple documentaries and YouTube videos.

After completion of the album Inscrutable Malice, work began on putting the finishing touches on his first full length film, Language Is Art. The idea for the movie was to get hundreds of different people to say just one line each from poems that Homage wrote and then edit the lines together so it creates one long synchronous rhyming flow. The result was over 650 people participating in one of the most unique and informative documentaries ever to be produced. Though unconventional and certainly low budget, Language Is Art  was a valuable learning experience and a huge personal achievement.