#1 Journey to Southeast Asia pt 1

Knowledge With Homage is an alternative media podcast series hosted by David "Homage" Castle which uses personal stories and anecdotes to examine the world we live in, what we're doing here, the control system surrounding us, and what we can do to stay sane during these turbulent times. For the first episode of the podcast David talks about his recent backpacking trip across Southeast Asia. Topics include where he went, how he got there, and most importantly, what he saw and learned. Traveling the world is an incredible learning experience so it only seemed right that the first talk was about getting out and going on an adventure. Life's too short not to go for what you love. This is part one of a two part series on backpacking Southeast Asia. {{SUBSCRIBE}} FOLLOW ME :) www.h0mage.com instagram.com/h0mage facebook.com/homageraps twitter.com/h0mage_

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