Silence Is Betrayal

After a month on the road I'm back to drop more Knowledge With Homage to bless your eardrums. Today's talk focuses on what I've been up to for all of July, I talk about going to Utah and visiting national parks, as well as driving across the USA on a "music tour". I examine the illuminati symbolism at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial, it's similarity to the 9/11 memorial and also the obvious Satanic symbolism present within "The Storyteller" fountain at the Five Points in Birmingham, Alabama. Other topics include the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, earthquake swarms in California and the gigantic magma chamber about to kill us all. I give my analysis of the short scifi film "Nano" (available on Youtube) and the importance of being a person who's willing to accept the not-so-awesome aspects of reality in a world full of scared escapists. Enjoy!

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